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Marco Rubio wants to end Communism (general)

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9 years ago


Recent activities suggest politicians are throwing fuel on the still smoking ashes of the cold war. Republican Junior Senator Marco Rubio of Florida went off on a rant about Communism that sounded strikingly similar to cold war propaganda of the past.

Marco claimed in communist countries like Cuba, the government gets better health care than the general population. When John Barrow, an expert in the field of common sense, was asked his opinion on this outrageous claim, his response was "Isn't this true of Washington? Everyone in Washington has top of the line insurance, meanwhile if you don't have any insurance. Too bad... And you'll get a hefty fine on top of them not giving a damn." John does have an excellent point.  Marco's claim that a country is evil because they have a better health care system than us does not stand.

Marco also claimed CUba is evil because everyone knows how to read but their material is censored. According to Google transparency report about the United states, "The number of content removal requests we received increased by 70% compared to the previous reporting period." So not only is the United States escalating censoring of the media at alarming rates, it also has a higher illiteracy rate.

When psychologist Nancy Bosin was asked on her view of Marco's cold war rant, her response was unexpected.  "It's really quite simple," she explained.  "Marco Rubio has a classic case of psychological projection.  Psychological projection is a defense mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects his own beliefs or feelings.  To make it simple, Marco Rubio is a communist that is pretending to hate communism.  It is similar to how the gay politicians pretend to hate gays."

The facts are hazy but one thing is pretty clear, Marco Rubio is just like all the Democrats and Republicans, a trouble starter with groundless claims. 

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