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Democrats blame Trump for not cleaning up their poop (Politics)

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4 years ago
Edited 4 years ago


The partial government shutdown has resulted in national park toilets overflowing with feces.

When psychologist James Budden was asked about this, his response was pretty clear coated.  "Why do people expect Trump to be responsible for cleaning up their poop?  Can't they clean their own poop?"

James' argument makes a lot of sense. Trump is not responsible for cleaning up other people's poop.  When you take your dog for a walk, does Trump follow behind with a pooper scooper? Some may think so, but the obvious answer is no, Trump does not clean up your dog's poop.

When Lauren Fishberne, a former toilet cleaner for the National Parks was asked about this, she couldn't have been more angry.  "These people come into the parks every day and I had to clean their poop. My daughter learned to clean her own poop up when she was three years old, so why can't these old people?"

It is true, people can clean their own poop.  It only cost a couple hundred dollars to rent out a vacuum truck to suck all of the poop up. As of now, there are no gofundme pages set up to clean the poop from the national parks.  The problem isn't the government, the problem is the chronic poopers who never learned to clean their own poop.


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