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Trump supporter outraged over 3 Muslim members of congress (Politics)

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4 years ago


Trump supporters are scared out of their minds over 3 Muslim members in congress.

When Nancy Barbara, a Christian Trump supporter from North Carolina, was asked about this, she was furious. "These Muslims have access to top secret data! What is this country coming to? America is doomed!" she shouted. "They are going to impose Sharia law on us!"

When Nancy was asked how we are doomed, she replied "All them Muslims marry young girls. They are sick! Sick I tell you! We need God back in the government, not Allah!"

After Nancy was told that Allah and God are the same thing, she became even more aggressive.  "There is only one God, and that god isn't Allah! God would never allow his chosen people to marry 8 year old girls! What kind of sick bastards marry children?"

Nancy did not want to hear that 163 members of congress were Catholics, and Catholics also molest young children. A security guard had to escort her out of the building after she threw a cup of water accross the room while screaming "You'll burn in hell!" and "Traitor!" repeatedly.

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